Innovations developed by application users for other application users

The Cross-Business-Architecture Lab is a user association. Best practices that have been tried and tested in the field are shared and further refined into leading-edge results that are reliable and ready for immediate use.

Target Groups

Architectures are our DNA

The Cross-Business-Architecture Lab has its roots in IT and enterprise architecture, not least because of its ten years of operation under the name SOA Innovation Lab e.V. CBA Lab member companies firmly believe that powerful (enterprise) architecture is a fundamental factor of success for digital transformation.

Our Member Companies

Shaping innovations together

Knowledge increases when it is shared: The members of the Cross-Business-Architecture Lab know this to be the case from their own experience. New, innovative topics; changed conditions – the Cross-Business-Architecture Lab and its members are moving forward quickly and dynamically together. Key topics in 2017 include “Blockchains” and “Cross-Cloud Communication.”

How We Work

Modular, flexible, interoperable

Speed, flexibility, agility – none of these can be achieved in monolithic hard-wired environments. The Cross-Business-Architecture Lab stands for modular building blocks and components, flexible architectures, and interoperability across various structures and boundaries: Together these form the foundation for the digital transformation.

The Lab

Our network connects people across all companies and business sectors.

The Cross-Business-Architecture Lab provides an active cross-business / cross-sector network for the DACH region. Our association offers companies and their employees and experts a secure environment of trust in which they can openly exchange ideas and experiences with their peers. “Wait a second, let me just call someone at Bosch, Daimler, or Telekom” – what enterprise architect wouldn’t love to be able to get that kind of assistance after encountering a problem?

Benefits for Members

Building blocks for digital transformation

The utilization of modular building blocks for digital transformation is a critical factor of success in the competitive field. The Cross-Business-Architecture Lab works with and for its members companies to develop innovative “building blocks”that shape the nature of enterprise architectures, and serve as a basis for their organization: Standard software, governance, EAM, the cloud, mobility, industrial analytics, microservices, APIs, and blockchains – these are the building blocks of digital transformation.

Goals and Mission
Dr. Karsten Schweichhart
Board Member

The Cross-Business-Architecture Lab inspires me with its open exchange of ideas between members, leading to the creation of innovations that ultimately benefit us all.