Services – How We Work

Round Tables – direct exchange, live and open

Member meetings take place three times a year and provide the large-scale forum needed to exchange information and ideas on new developments, results, the status of work in various areas, and new challenges that all of our member companies face. These meetings, which run for a day-and-a-half, are always hosted by a different member company. They allow us to get to know one another and the different companies at which we work.

Our members define the topics for our workstreams

Our CBA Lab workstreams are the vehicle used to initiate and implement joint projects. Here, at least three member companies coordinate with one another to define a workstream topic, whereby they can use the CBA Lab budget to procure external expertise or support if necessary. These workstreams lead to the creation of very closely knit networks, as well as CBA Lab’s most valuable commodities: knowledge and expertise.

Conferences: Spreading the word about CBA Lab

We organize conferences in cooperation with suitable partners in order to share CBA Lab’s knowledge and our guiding principles, get more people on board to promote cross-business architecture, and establish and maintain a dialog with relevant service providers and consultants.


CBA Lab products are valuable to our members – but also free

Particularly valuable results achieved at CBA Lab are documented and continually updated by our organization within the framework of a product lifecycle management system. The most important results to date have led to the creation of the CBA Lab Training Program and a Digital Navigator. These and other products and programs are available for our members to use free of charge, and they are also offered externally.

We are a voice for application users

As a partner in the VOICE association of application users, we present the opinions and requirements of application users to the companies that design and produce the applications. With our targeted media relations activities and our presentations at conferences, we also incorporate important considerations and guiding principles into the public discourse on the topics and issues we address.


Shaping the discourse with partners

The Cross-Business-Architecture Lab is always open to mutually beneficial partnerships with associations and organizations. For example, we give application users a common voice through our partnership with the VOICE e.V. user association for CIOs. In this manner, the Cross-Business-Architecture Lab also increases the amount of architecture knowledge and expertise that VOICE can offer.

Dr. Arun Anandasivam

The "VUCA world" and its complexity can only be effectively managed if technical, economic, process, and organizational aspects are looked at together. EA offers enough tools to address all of these aspects and continuously improve them.